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Eset Smart Security & Endpoint Security Products

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ESET outperforms in detection and performance tests
In antivirus comparisons, ESET® consistently outperforms the competition with outstanding results in detection and performance tests, making it the clear choice for your network's security solution. Given the sheer volume of malware that exists today, it’s essential to have the best virus protection software possible. See how ESET Endpoint Security Solutions compare to products from other global vendors in detection and performance.

Industry leading with the most Virus Bulletin awards
ESET vs. Other Endpoint Security & Antivirus Software for Business
Success ratio (%)
Source:, May 1998 - April 2013
Since the inception of VB100 awards in 1998, ESET's antivirus products continue to boast the industry's highest success rate.
To receive a VB100 award, the product must detect all the In-the-Wild viruses while generating zero false positives. ESET NOD32® has never missed an In-the-Wild virus.
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Fast system scans
ESET Has the Fastest Full System Scan on the Market
Scan time (min)
Source: | B2B Report, August 2012
ESET scans more than twice as fast as the average solution, so you can be confident that there will be no disruption to your business and end users when running full system, on-demand scans of your endpoints.


Minimal network impact
ESET Enterprise Antivirus Comparison
Daily network traffic (MB)
Source: | B2B Report, August 2012
Keeping endpoint security software up-to-date with the latest signature database can impact your corporate network, unless your endpoint protection solution is optimized to make these incremental updates efficiently. ESET creates the least daily network traffic, only 1.2% of the average solution, while keeping your endpoints safe with the latest signature database.


Efficient management server in action
ESET Efficient Management Server in Action
Memory usage (MB)
Source: | B2B Report, August 2012
Running an on-demand scan on endpoints via the management server is a common task. A management server that requires a lot of resources to handle an on-demand scan scales poorly in an environment with many endpoints. ESET Remote Administrator is extremely efficient with resources while performing this task, allowing it to scale with ease as your corporate network grows.


Highly scalable management server
Highly Scalable Management Server vs. Competition
Memory usage (MB)
Source: | B2B Report, August 2012
Businesses rely on central management servers to respond to virus alerts, provide signature database updates, schedule tasks, as well as monitor and maintain the health of endpoints across the network. Inefficient management servers could delay responses to critical security events as well as reduce the efficacy of dependent endpoints. ESET consumes less than 2% the amount of memory that an average management server uses while idle, leaving more server memory to perform useful tasks.




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